Popular Piety and the New Evangelization

by: Joselita Bongcaron

Last August 16, 2014, Saturday, the PA, ACIT, and invited friends gathered at the Oben Hall of Saint Pedro Poveda College to celebrate the 78th anniversary (August 12, 2014) of the martyrdom of Victoria Diez. A very fitting way to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of Victoria, a model of courageous witnessing to Christ as lay person and martyr, was to talk on evangelization as unfolding to new expressions that are relevant to various generations.

This activity was in line with the three-year program of the Cultura Team on the thrust of the Teresian Association in social transformation. So on this beautiful morning of August 16, a Jesuit priest, who was described as “unseen presence”, “dean of all theologians”, “godfather of priests“ was invited to speak on Popular Piety and the New Evangelization.

As expected of a prominent, yet humble theologian, Fr. Catalino Arevalo, S.J., was more than just a speaker. True to the aforementioned descriptions of him, he filled the venue with his inspiring passion and contagious humor. It is hard to capture in this article the essential points of the talk. It deserves a more well thought of version than this output. This piece is intended just to wet the appetite, so to speak.

fr. arevalo (2)

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